It's official ... The brand new TRIBEZ – Nicotine Pouches have arrived!

TRIBEZ – Nicotine Pouches are here! Nicotine Pouches are also known by the name Nicopods, Nicotine bags, All White Bags or Super White Snus. We are TRIBEZ – Nicotine Pouches, and we have a mission: To make the world of nicotine pouches even more colorful, varied and individual!

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Find your Spirit! We are looking for Sales-Partners across Europe!

Would you like the become a part of the TRIBEZ Story and sell our fantastic products across Europe? It’s your opportunity now to grow with us right from the start and write a story of joint success with us! Currently our focus is on building our distribution network in these countries:

Switzerland, Austria, Sveden, Lithuania, Estonia and Denmark.

If you live in another country that legally allows the sale of Nicotine Pouches, we would also like to hear from you. Drop us a line and let’s get in contact, we are looking forward to hearing for you!

TRIBEZ – Nicotine Pouches are on their way

Available from August 2021 in three refreshing flavors and different nicotine strengths. Pre-order now exclusively from


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In the new blog post, you can find out more about the new TRIBEZ brand in an interview with Florian, the head of the Kautabak-Shop! (currently in German only)

Show your Spirit!

The TRIBEZ Logo doesn’t just look good on the packaging! Discover the TRIBEZ merchandise in our fan shop now, such as embroidered caps, cozy hoodies or summery tank tops.

Looks like chewing tobacco, feels like chewing tobacco, but it isn’t classic chewing tobacco. We talk about Nicotine-Bags or also called Nicotine Pouches. The details make the different: Instead of tobacco as a raw material, cellulose and plant fibers are used here. These are enriched with nicotine. So stay tobacco and smoke-free with these special bags. Good to know: Your teeth will stay white when you use these pouches. Just leave it under your lip for 5 – 30 minutes and enjoy! It will slowly start to tingle a little.

As an alternative to the classic „Snus“ products with tobacco, the so called „Chewing-Tobacco“ follows the principle of harm-reduction. It is proven to be less harmful compared to smoking cigarettes and doesn’t pollute your immediate surroundings with harmful smoke. An even greater reduction of harm is achieved by using Nicotine Pouches filled with ingredients such as coffee, tea or plain cellulose with added flavors.